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So after a year of tinkering with PCB design, I think i’ve finally settled on a good design program.  I started with Eagle PCB, which was good, but the limitations bugged the snot out of me.  Recently I heard about Kicad EDA which is open source and free of charge.  It supports up to 16 layers and there doesn’t seem to be any schematic page limit, or board size limit either.

Kicad screenshot

It even has a halfway decent 3D viewer.  I think I will be using this one going forward.

NOTE:  save yourself some headache.  dont use design spark PCB.  I had a board reworked 4 times because the damned program input weird artifacts in footprints.  pin numbers in the copper layers and so on.  its pretty and easy to use, but hardly worth the hassle and rework cost.



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