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PIC Intelligent Analog MCU

Microchip has released a new microcontroller with all the analog circuitry built in.  It contains voltage references, op amps, and an LCD driver.  check out the link below.     http://www.microchip.com/pagehandler/en_us/promo/intelligentanalog/home.html Advertisements

The MCP23017 and you (a beginner tutorial)

So on a project Ive been working on, I realized that I was connecting analog circuits and an LCD screen, buttons LED’s etc to an Arduino uno.  What i quickly realized is that I was rapidly running out of IO pins. After some searching I came across THIS beauty from microchip. The MCP23017, for about $1.50 … Continue reading


So after a year of tinkering with PCB design, I think i’ve finally settled on a good design program.  I started with Eagle PCB, which was good, but the limitations bugged the snot out of me.  Recently I heard about Kicad EDA which is open source and free of charge.  It supports up to 16 layers … Continue reading


Hi everyone,  starting an old fashioned blog to spark discussion, educate, entertain, but mostly just share information about projects i’m working on. Mostly I intend to stick to electronics, engineering, and sciency stuff.  But I will also reach out to whatever I darn well feel  like, homebrew (yes thats beer) etc…  I’ll likely not publish … Continue reading


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